Kingdom Quilters Visit Home Away From Home


Kingdom Quilters is beginning to build a strong relationship with the organization called Home Away From Home.

HAFH provides housing at a reasonable price for those who have extended stays in Little Rock for cancer treatment, surgeries, or other serious illnesses at UAMS.  We recently met for coffee in one of the Park Avenue Lofts.  We got to tour several of the beautifully appointed apartments.

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An Exciting Visit to CARTI


Today we delivered approximately 155 quilts to Dr. Mendelsohn’s (CARTI) office.  We were met by a nurse and a front desk manager who were thrilled by the quilts.  We unwrapped a few quilts for the picture below and they were very impressed by the beauty of the work and the generosity of the gift of our time and talents.  They thanked us endlessly and were very enthusiastic about getting to give them away.  Even a patient who had been observing from the waiting room told me as she left that the quilts were beautiful.

Front Row: Cindy Lynn, Carolyn McDaniel and Kay Agee Back Row:  CARTI Nurse Suzanne Broadway, Elaine Green and Delores Richards

Back Row: CARTI Nurse Suzanne Broadway, Elaine Green and Delores Richards
Front Row: Cindy Lynn, Carolyn McDaniel and Kay Agee

A Schedule Change for September!


Since the first Monday in September is a holiday, we are meeting on Tuesday the 2nd. We’re also quilting on Saturday the 20th so mark your calendars now so you can join us.

During both September meetings, Kelli will be discussing the instructions for making a tote for your cutting mat and tools, rulers, etc. If you want to participate here’s what you need to do.

  • Download this Tote Bag PDF  and BRING IT WITH YOU. Also bring a pen so you can make notes.
  • Be aware that the fabric requirements will be discussed during the demo, so it may be premature to purchase it at this time.

Kelli’s demo will be immediately after lunch, so about 12:15 – 12:30.

NOTE: if you are arriving just for this demo, please use the Warehouse entrance so you don’t disturb the lunch or devotional time. Thanks for your consideration.

Contact Elaine if you have any questions.

Thank you God!


From Elaine:

Today several from KQ went together to our favorite fabric store, Marshall’s in Batesville.  That store has acres of fabric, including a large section of wholesale where they sell “bundles of bolts” of fabric.

A man who later introduced himself as Marshall, talked with a couple of the ladies who had checked out.  He was happy about their choices of fabrics because he had personally designed some of it.  He gave a couple of them a package of fabric – not a high monetary value, but a wonderful gesture none the less.

Georgia (83 with a recent knee replacement) walked a ways down the store to tell him thank you and in the course of that, she explained that our group makes the lap quilts for charity.  He verified that we work as a group and then told her to follow him.  He went into the warehouse side of the store and gave us a “bundle of flats.”  It was 19 different fabrics, 6 yards each for a total of 114 yards of fabric.  That’s a retail value of $600.00 to $800.00.  WOW!!

The Love and Hope of our Savior


From Elaine:

About a month ago a friend of my husband’s was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He, Dick, went rapidly from the hospital to a hospice setting. I told Ron I would make a lap quilt for him. I stopped my current project and got to work on it. Ron delivered it to Dick last week. Dick grasped it to his chest and just hugged it. During their visit, Ron lead Dick in the sinner’s prayer.

WOW!!! Dick went to be with Jesus this past Sunday – just 4 days later.

Quilt Delivery


On Wednesday  November 20th at 9:30Am approximately 8 of our Kingdom Quilters were blessed to present quilts to individual residents at the Briarwood Nursing Home.

Briarwood-2013Initially, we gathered in the common area where the staff had assembled several of the residents. Then we each chose a quilt and a recipient and we presented the quilt. We read the poem stitched on the back of the quilt and opened the quilt for the receiver. We received varied responses. Some of the recipients were not quite alert enough to understand what was going on and others were overjoyed with the gift and the sentiment. Once we visited with each of those people we were given a list with names of about 6-8 people on it. The list included a name and a room number so the remainder of the time was spent going to those rooms to distribute the rest of the quilts. Ron (Elaine’s husband) came along to take photos but was careful to maintain the privacy of the residents and merely grasp the act of the presentation.

A blessing given is a blessing received. It is fair to say that the receiver and the giver alike were beneficiaries of this experience.

Each quilter had a different story to tell about their day. Read below to see what some of them had to say:

From Elaine:
I was very pleasantly surprised that I got to have a talk with so many that I delivered quilts to, in fact I think everyone was alert. Two people asked me for an address so they can send thank you cards. One man specifically said he wants to send a check. Another woman thought she should not get a gift so great from someone. I had to assure her that it was a gift from God. I was disappointed that Sue’s mom was too asleep for us to get to talk, but her roommate was very chatty and recited much of her family history.

From Linda Slaton:
I thought it was GREAT!  The first lady I gave a quilt to was so overwhelmed and delighted.  She told me she really wanted the red and white one –so I of course, gave her that one.  Then she tried her best to get other residents’ attention to see how gorgeous it is. It WAS beautiful –had tulips on it.   She also cried when I read the poem to her.  Most of the people really wanted to talk a while –didn’t want me rushing off—which was touching.  I enjoyed it very much.  One lady really couldn’t piece together a whole sentence & she kept trying to talk.  All I know is that she was very happy and she very definitely said, “Thank you” –and meant it from the heart.  It was so sweet.

One of the young women who worked there –Becca –asked what church we were from –and I told her several churches but the ministry is one of FBC. She said that she and her husband went there last Sunday –for the first time. And really wanted to go back. 

Cindy Lynn told me how much you all mean to her –said, “It’s the women!  They are all so wonderful and love the Lord so much.  I just won’t miss my quilting day with everyone.”  She almost wouldn’t tell me b/c she knew she’d cry –but I made her come out with it. 

Thanks for letting me go with you, everyone. What a joy you are to my heart.

From Kay:
What a privilege and honor I felt this morning to present the quilts. read the message and just love on some very special people.  Their faces, their dignity and their smiles are still with me.     I think Andrea and I have would liked to visit with each and hear their life stories.  Several were quilters and all were very appreciative.  

We have such more to give because God gives to our heart to begin it all! To God be all the glory!  

 I appreciate you and thank God for you.

From Cindy L:
Today was very special to me.   One of the fellows I got to give a quilt to was a precious man who was at the same place my dad is now. When he moved from Parkway Heights to Briarwood my Dad really missed him. So it was nice to see him again. 

 It was a pleasure to give these precious people a quilt and to tell them that we had prayed for them when we were making their quilt. One lady that I read the poem to said it made her cry. 

 We also had a chance to give a quilt to David Bruns’s mom. She was glad to get it & certainly glad to brag about her son. 

 I was very blessed today. 

From Jeanne:
Although I only made one quilt this year, I was thrilled to take part in this event. When I heard that we were going to Briarwood, I was elated b/c my dear friend, Lori, just had to move her mom from Fox Ridge into this facility and it has been hard on both of them. When she heard that I was coming to bring a quilt to her mom, she was overjoyed. I loved having Lori pick just the right colors for her mom and letting me give it to her. She did not say much to me but told Lori she was touched. Then, I heard that one of the members of our community group (Earl) has two parents there. So, I got to give each of them a quilt. Briarwood-2013-handsHis dad had Alzheimer’s so he did not “get it” but his mom cried and made comments about how sweet it was and was glad that I knew her son and on and on.

 I gave out about 6 more quilts to random people. I had mixed responses. Some folks were sleeping and I did not want to disturb them. One lady wanted to write a thank you note to Dana, whose name was on the quilt. Another lady let me pray for her. I read the poems to all the people. Most who were alert remarked about how well done the workmanship was on the quilt.

One quilt was marked for Mrs Pete. I inquired about who that might be and the staff knew her but told me to lay it on her bed since she was sleeping.

All in all, it was such a great day for me. I loved the personal touch and seeing the joy on the faces of the ones who really appreciated all the work.

A great big thank you to all you ladies who contributed to this and especially to Elaine for organizing everything in Kingdom Quilters. We could not do this without her!